We understand that the choice of school for your child is one of the biggest decisions you, as a parent, will have to make. The implications of the choice are far reaching, as schools not only educate for 'now’, but for the future. There is an obvious financial commitment to private education, and there is also the expectation that you will be in partnership with the school in regard to your child’s education.

There is an almost $2,000 difference between tuition and the actual cost of educating a student at Oak Hall Episcopal School. This means that every student receives financial aid. In addition, the School provides up to $75,000 of needs-based assistance. Currently, grants from the Episcopal Diocese of Oklahoma and two private foundations fund this program.

Tuition revenue meets only 62% of the total operating costs of the School. The difference is made up through a variety of sources and the expectation is that parents will be involved wherever possible. Some of the fundraising activities include, but are not limited to:

  • The annual Giving Fund
  • The annual Auction
  • The Chili Cook-Off
  • The annual sale of goods (candles, popcorn etc.)
  • The annual Gold Tournament

The funds raised through these activities are used for the School's general operating budget.

Beyond fundraising, OHES welcomes the participation of parents in a variety of different activities. This ranges from attendance at functions such as Chapel services, assemblies, and concerts, to being involved in the classroom either as a volunteer for a specific event, or to being a Homeroom Coordinator.

Educational research has shown a child's overall school experience and success are enhanced when there is a supportive partnership between the home and the school. At OHES, we see this relationship as essential to who we are as a community of learners and our mission as an Episcopal school, and our expectation has been met by a very high level of parental involvement in fundraising activities and classroom volunteerism. The partnership between School and families is strong, and we are delighted that you are considering joining the Oak Hall Episcopal School community.

The Future Begins Here!